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CanGo is an on demand services company with a technology team in Nairobi and current operations in Kinshasa and Kigali. Starting with on demand ridehailing, CanGo is developing interconnected on demand services together in a single smartphone application, aimed directly at the African mass market.
Location 1
Kinshasa, DRC
CanGo is the first mover in on demand and ridehailing in Kinshasa, Africa's third largest city. As the Democractic Republic of the Congo's most mature startup, CanGo is positioned as the leading startup in Central Africa.
Location 2
Kigali, Rwanda
As the first mover in on demand and ridehailing in Rwanda going back to 2015, the CanGo team has been integral to the development of Rwanda's startup ecosystem. Now, Rwanda is home to CanGo's innovation lab.
Location 3
Nairobi, Kenya
With deep roots in Nairobi, one of the capitals of Africa's technology startup revolution, CanGo has a best in class software development based in Westlands.

Developing Central Africa's Super App

Motorcycle Taxis
Basic On Demand
Supermarket / Amazon Style On Demand
Services Marketplace
Digital Wallet

First mover and ecosystem builder

CanGo is strategically orienting itself to create a long term defensible position as the leader of on demand services first in Kigali and Kinshasa, then into the rest of Central Africa.
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