CanGo is the The SuperApp For Central Africa

As the first mover in a region of 160 million people, we are scaling high impact on demand services to transform lives in Central Africa. Order a motorcycle taxi. Order food. Order from the super market. And soon, order anything. Anything Can Go with CanGo
Become A Passenger
Free yourself in Kinshasa by using CanGo to go anywhere in the city. Download the app and get going.
Become A Pilot
Are you a professional motorcycle driver in Kinshasa who likes to give passengers a great experience? We want you to join us! Click here to reach out.

CanGo (formerly SafeMotos) featured by:

Designed for Africans by Africans
We've built our tech with the African end user firmly in mind and are UX pioneers in the region.
Insurance Level Telematics
We use smartphone sensors to measure how drivers drive. You get paired with good drivers while we take bad drivers off our system.
Now, You Don't Worry About Maps
Not everyone finds it easy to read a map. But with CanGo we take the headache away by smartly using GPS to intuitively find you.
Order What You Like
CanGo is not just a motorcycle taxi app, but a platform for your services needs. Order with the CanGo app lunch, get a beer on the weekend and save yourself going to the supermarket.
Trips Performed
Lines of Code Written in Africa
Most Innovative Company in Africa (Fast Company)
Mover in On Demand and Ridehailing in Kinshasa and Kigali
Making progress every day
The CanGo team is proud of the work we have done as market first movers, leaders of innovation and building all our technology in house.
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