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(2019) “DRC Has an image problem but is a land of opportunity for Tech Startups" Disrupt Africa
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Awards and Accolades

(2019) 2019 Innovation of the Year, Kinshasa
(2018) Xtreme Tech Challenge, Top 10 Company
(2018) Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize for Engineering (finalist)
(2018) Startup of the Year Africa 2018, Top 20 (finalist)
(2017) Fast Company Magazine, 7th Most Innovative Company in Africa
(2017) SafeMotos Presentation to United Nations Social Good Summit
(2017) GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Grant, Recipient
(2017) UNDP Accelerate 2030, Finalist
(2016) Nominet Trust 100, 1 of 100 Most Inspiring Companies Using Technology for Social Good
(2015) Millicom Think Startup Accelerator, Entrepreneurs in Residence
(2015) PIVOT East, Winner Founder Award and Winner Utilities Category
(2015) Carma AXLR8R by SOSv, Participant

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